Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Origami #34: Rocket Ship

Ha! Thought you'd seen the last of me, right? Well, I admit it's been a while, but I've a good excuse (or three): new job (going from working part time to full time takes some serious adjusting); hellacious test knitting project (which finally reached an end and turned out to be a very nice item even if the knitting was, well, not nice); and this season's ick (which manifests less in symptoms of sickness and more in overall exhaustion and weakness).

But I have figured out how to work full time and still have a life (you know, like I've done most of my adult life), finished test knitting the beast, and recovered from the ick. So I'm baaaaack. With a rocket ship.

In celebration/honor of the retiring and soon-to-be-retired space shuttles, a rocket ship. Project for yesterday from the Origami Fold-a-Day calendar.

Origami #34: Rocket Ship

Excuse the focus (or lack thereof) -- my camera is having an issue.

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