Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Origami #1: A Table

First origami project of the year is a table. Pattern was found at Chosen medium for this project was the Ruby Tuesday ad from this morning's paper. It was the perfect medium for this specific origami project, witness the table top:

Origami Table (Origami #1)

And the table from the side:

Origami Table (Origami #1)

While M and I were at Michael's tonight (great coupon on my rewards card, and we needed a potholder loom and a heckuvalot of ecru crochet cotton for a yardage project I have in mind), we picked up a couple of calendars ($0.50 each) because they're square and have pretty colors. No need to spend a buck a sheet or more for nice paper while I'm still learning, right?

Tomorrow is library night, so I will check out the origami books in our local branch (have already requested a few that are in other branches).

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