Thursday, January 6, 2011

Origami #2: A Surprise

Today's origami project is a surprise. I found it while reading about origami at Wikipedia (possibly the exact resource the inventors of the hyperlink had in mind -- I mean, really, where else can you start out looking for information about the rings of Saturn and find yourself reading about the fight to legalize industrial hemp production in the US -- it's a long and winding rabbit hole that Wikipedia, but I digress).

So I found this cool surprise origami project from the British Origami Society that claims to require no previous origami experience and be suitable for ages 9 and up (so essentially this is a test to see if Sandy is smarter than -- or at least as smart as -- a British fifth-grader). Should be something I can handle, no?

Basically, print off the page from the website (I actually had to open the .gif file separately and print it that way since Firefox "print preview" was cutting off the image), follow the instructions, and you'll have your surprise origami -- there's even a suggested game with it.

Origami #2: Surprise

Want any more than that? Well, to avoid giving away the surprise, you'll have to follow the link below to read the rest of the project.

So, with some difficulty, I followed the instructions (essentially, match up the matching letters in alphabetical order), and I got something resembling a frog. Really.

Origami #2: Surprise

I think he's kinda cute. Here's his profile:

Origami #2: Surprise

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  1. Hi Sandy !

    Were you able to fold the Origami Surprise into a jumping frog ? From the photos it does not appear you succeeded.

    The frog should have looked like this:


    Rick Nordal - Creator of the Origami Surprise diagram. My email: