Friday, January 7, 2011

Origami #3: A Pen Cup

Today's project comes from Origami for the First Time by Soonboke Smith. It's a fun little book (I hope to write some origami book reviews as the year progresses), and this project just caught my eye.

It's made starting with two mat bases which are turned over and folded a couple more times before the flaps are created and the two pieces are slipped together to make the pen cup.

Origami #3: Pen Cup

The material for this project was two matching 8.5" calendar pages. This made a slightly smaller pen cup, since the pattern calls for 10" paper. (As you can probably see -- this was the picture for July.)

Origami #3: Pen Cup

Yesterday M came home from work and errand running with five more calendars she bought at Michael's for $0.50 each and a whole pile of pages from calendars they were just going to recycle at the office -- and she'd even cut those pages so they were square. I was touched.

Today she bought me the Accord Publishing Origami-a-Day calendar. She found it on sale and thought it would be fun. Some of the projects are a bit basic (and I'm not one to start with basic generally), but it should be fun to start most days with a simple origami project, and if nothing else, there's pretty paper in the calendar.

Origami Koala

My koala (the first project in the calendar) looks an awful lot like a puppy.

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