Thursday, January 20, 2011

Origami #16: Wallet (aka Jacob's Ladder)

Today a wallet. It's the same principle as the Jacob's Ladder children's toys which have fascinated me forever. I used to have one on my desk -- I'm guessing it's still in that box of stuff I packed when I left my job in CT.

Origami #16: Wallet (aka Jacob's Ladder)

This pattern comes from "Origami Card Craft" by Karen Elaine Thomas (a great book -- highly recommended and not just for origami).

Origami #16: Wallet (aka Jacob's Ladder)

Included is one KIP Bags tag (check out Rudawg's Etsy shop) to show that it really does work.

Paper this time was just plain ole construction paper, two sheets of purple and one of orange. I do have plans to decorate this and perhaps add some glue to make it neater.

Sorry the video's sideways, but you can get the idea -- don't have any video editing software and not really interested in adding that to my skill bank right now.

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